Drive Assist – Augmented Driving, represents the latest project from MobileWay. It will feature experimental algorithms that we developed in order to successfully detect on road ‘obstacles’. These obstacles might represent: any kind of car or vehicle, pedestrians, bicyclists, dogs, etc.

This will be the first Android app to provide detection of obstacles that aren’t cars! This has never been attempted before. The first app to detect pedestrians! Or bicyclists, or motorcyclists!

The main purpose of this software will be to aid and help the driver in different traffic scenarios when he might be tired, fatigued or for a brief moment might not pay attention to the road. That’s where DriveAssist comes in and alerts the driver in case of a crash danger. It acts as similar to a pre-crash system found on high-end and expensive cars, but with the advantage that it can be used on any existing car.

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The only requirement is that the user, in this case the driver, installs the phone in the windshield using a mount and points the camera to the road.

The app will be available soon for a public beta and later this year will be released to the public. Stay in touch with the development by following this blog or by registering in the dedicated Google+ community.