Extract (copy) Android apps without root

You can copy Android apps without root, the guide below will show you how to do it easily.

Copy Android apps from phone storage to your computer. This can be easily done with root, but if you don’t have root access you can do it by using this command in command line (or terminal).

Connect to device and find app package name

First you need to know the package name of the application, to do this open adb and connect to the device:

If you already used adb shell and you are in the device, simply type:

The package name should have a similar name with the app you want to copy, if you can’t find it you can search the play store on the web: for example searching for Angry Birds on the web play store will and opening it’s page will contain the package name in the browser url:

Find app path on the device

Once you know the package name, the next step is to find it’s path on the mobile device:

Copy apk from the device

The last step is to pull (copy) the apk from the device, using the following command:

That’s it! Using some terminal commands you can extract or copy Android apk files directly on your computer: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

  • meupredio

    Two things missing… first all the implicit Android SDK install on PC and the USB debuging ativiation on the device, second, some aplications have local state files, like saved game progress or such files, for those i get permissions denied in doubth if it is only with root.

    • meupredio

      Some apps permissions issue may be workarround in adb shell with:

      run-as com.yourapp ls -l /data/data/com.yourapp